At Just B Dance we strive to find teachers who are passionate about their dance form(s) and  We confidently offer classes in the following genres.


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Ages 7+

Ballet is the heart of dance. The terminology and technique that is learned in ballet is found in almost every other dance genre. The origins of ballet date back to the 16th century French royalty, and has since come to be known as one of the most beautiful art forms a person can master. Ballet classes at Just B Dance highlight the understanding of proper alignment and support, as well as strength, flexibility and above all performing from the heart.

We recommend all students enroll in some level of ballet, as it lays a strong foundation to excel in any other classical dance form.


                                                                                                                                                Ages 2-6

Combo dance is an introductory class for young dancers. Students will learn basic terminology and steps for ballet and tap, as well as have creative dance time using props and dance games.

We offer Tiny Combo (ages 2-3), Preschool 1 (P1 ages 3-4) Preschool 2 (P2 age 4), Kinder Combo 1 (K1 ages 5-6) and Kinder Combo 2 (K2 age 6).

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Modern dance is a compliment to ballet, taking a different perspective of movement. The techniques pioneered by choreographers such as Martha Graham, Doris Humphrey and Eric Hawkins push the limits of balance, fall and recovery, shape and the use of time. Movement is more organic, and can vary from a soft lyrical style to punctuated and athletic.

Related to Modern dance, Contemporary is a more commercialized interpretation of traditional modern, with influences of jazz and lyrical dance.

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                                                                                                                                         Ages 7+

Tap found its roots in America when the Irish immigrants brought their hard shoe style of dancing to the east coast and merged with the African style of drum and rhythm dancing.  Learning to tap dance is not far from learning to play any other percussive instrument, as the choreography must work to compliment the rhythm of the selected music.


                                                                                                   Ages 7+

Jazz is known for its entertainment, “pizazz” quality. The classical style of jazz dancing originates from African American vernacular dances and evolved into Broadway and Hollywood pieces set by choreographers like Bob Fosse, Jerome Robbins and Gus Giordano. Movement varies from idiosyncratic isolations of the torso to large jumps and turns.


                                                     Ages 5+

Hip-Hop originated in the streets of urban areas like L.A. and New York. The genre has been a recent phenomenon starting around the 1970’s, and includes quick, intricate isolations. Hip-hop is known for its contagious high energy beats. Styles with in hip-hop include break dancing, pop and locking, and funk.


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