Ale Martinez


Alejandra Martinez was brought up around dance all of her life. Her parents were amazing salsa dancers that competed all over the bay area. As she grew older, she fell in love with hip hop. She began dancing at Jubilee Christian Center at the age of 16, where she would perform for Sunday services. When She turned 19, she auditions for The Academy of Villains and became one of their principle dancers. Ale worked very hard and became the assistant director of the company by the age of 21. She has traveled to many different countries including Switzerland and Colombia teaching what she loves most. She has also appeared on Americas Got Talent Season 7 and Fake off Season 2 where her and the villains were crowned “Fake Off Champions” and won $100,000. Now at the age of 24, she has two of her very own dance companies, Poise’N Dance Co. and The Tribe Dance Co. Her goal is to inspire her students to chase their dreams because nothing is impossible to obtain if your willing to work hard at it.