Dress Code

Just B Dance



 General Guidelines:

Students at Just B Dance should always come to class looking ready to give their best.

*  Hair is to be pulled back neatly and securely.

*  Small earrings are permitted. All other jewelry should be taken off before the beginning of class. Necklaces, rings, bracelets and watches are not to be worn for any dance class.

*  Dancers should always have the proper shoes and dance wear. No street shoes, jeans, sweatpants, baggy t-shirts or sweatshirts are permitted in any classroom.

*  Solid colors only: No prints or patterns on any apparel other than GDA/Just B Dance t-shirts.

*  Undergarments (bras, underwear, etc.) Should always be tucked into dance clothing and blend in with the dress code. Please make sure all straps are tucked in.

* Students who repeatedly come to class outside of dress code may be asked to leave the class with no refund for the class.


 Jazz: Black or tan jazz shoes, no laces (sometimes called “Jazz Booties”)

Modern: bare feet or Foot Thongs (also called “Paws”)

Tap: Black tap shoes

Hip-Hop: Black dance sneakers

Tiny, Preschool, Kinder Classes


* You will need to order the class uniforms from the Studio.
* Pink leather or canvas ballet shoes, with elastics
* Black tap shoes with elastic ties or buckles



* Hair secured away from face Boys:
* White t-shirt (undershirt style, properly fitting)
* Black jazz pants or shorts
* Black ballet shoes
* Black tap shoes with ties (not buckle)

Ballet (levels elementary & 1+)


* Ballet Pink Tights
* Black Leotards
* Pink leather or canvas Ballet Shoes
* Black or pink ballet sweater or leg warmers (optional)


* Hair secured away from face Gentlemen:
* Black jazz pants, tights or dance shorts

* Black ballet shoes

* White t-shirt appropriately fitted
* Dance Belt Recommended

Optional for levels 3 & up:

* Black ballet shorts
* Black camisole, tightly fitted tank top
* Cut tight tops under leotard for support
* No skirts in class, although they may be worn for in-class performances

Jazz, Modern, Tap, Hip-Hop


* Leotards or snugly fit tops (no prints)
* Appropriate fitting dance pants or shorts and tights
* Appropriate fitting long sleeve t-shirts are permitted for warm-up.
* Hair secured in a ponytail or other style that will not fall out during class or whip the dancers in the eyes while turning.


* Appropriate fitting solid t-shirts
* Dance pants or shorts