Performing with Just B Dance


Performing with Just B Dance


Parent Expectations

  • Our productions take countless hours of work and in order to keep costs down as much as possible, we need parent involvement to help with aspects of our productions. This includes ticket sales, marketing, backstage help, costume work, prop and scenery work, ushering, and lobby sales. It is expected that every parent volunteers a minimum of 3 hrs for each production in which his or her child performs (i.e. 3 hours for the Christmas production, 3 hours for the June recital).

June Showcases

  • Click here to see information about this years performances  (link coming soon)

Costume/Performance Policy

Our Commitment:

  • All costumes will be age-appropriate. No bare mid-riffs, strapless tops, low-cut necklines, or excessive amount of bare leg exposure.
  • A costume will always allow for female dancers of age to wear proper support.

Your Commitment:

  • Tights will be worn with any costume that includes a dress or skirt. This is especially true of sheer/chiffon skirts.
  • All students will hide underclothing discretely under their costumes. No underwear, bra straps or other undergarments should be seen.
  • All students will be required to wear a minimum amount of make-up for performances. This includes rouge, mascara and lipstick. Eyeshadows should be natural shades and applied in a way that highlights the natural curvature of the eyes. Make-up should make the features of the face “pop” so that facial expressions can be seen from the audience. Make-up should never make a student appear older than they are from the stage.
  • Hair will be done neatly, and according to the teacher’s specifications for each class.


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