We have a variety of dance companies that rent space at Just B Dance.  If you are interested in renting a studio, please email

 Our Renters

Beshkan Dance Academy

BDA was established with god of expressing to and educating the community about the splendid Persian Culture through the art of Persian Dance.  We specialize in teaching various Persian dance styles and offer classes from ages 3 and up.  We also offer private lessons and perform at various Cultural, Community and Artistic event.  .  408-378-3234


Karavansaray Dance Company

Like the caravan stops on the Silk Road from which this troupe takes its name, Karavansaray Dance Company brings together wide-ranging cultural influences from regions across the Near East: Turkey, Egypt, the Levant, Armenia, Greece, Persia, and Central Asia. We honor the traditions of the regional dances we present, while respectfully blending and innovating as we take the dances onto the performance stage. The company performs primarily Folkloric Near Eastern dance styles, and our repertoire expands every year. Karavansaray has performed at festivals, fundraisers, benefits, and independent living homes — all to enthusiastic response.


Vinyasa Yoga Flow with Kazzy

Date and Time:  Saturday evening 4:30-5:30pm (mostly)
Cost:  $5 per person (22 yer and older),  $12 max per family